Some testimonials from former students in London, before I relocated

"Lucy Started teaching my daughter when she was 5 and my son when he was nine. Her caring, gentle and inspirational way was really helpful in encouraging my children to enjoy the violin. She made the lessons fun and really took time with the children, always encouraging and praising them. We were very saddened when she decided to relocate and I am eternally grateful to her since it was her gentle yet firm teaching methods that endeared my children to the violin, both of whom are pursuing it still" B Manzouri, London 

" I found that learning to read music and to play the violin was a really enjoyable thing to do. Lucy was very calm and patient. The violin can be a challenge, and I found it very rewarding, all the work I did with Lucy was very helpful!"  Misha, London 



" At first I thought I may have found the violin hard, but Lucy made it seem much more simple than I expected! I got a real sense of satisfaction from playing the violin - I never thought I would get to grade 5 level! and was really pleased to that i learnt to read music and take it that far. I now appreciate a wide range of music and enjoy going to lots of concerts. Without doubt Lucy's tuition opened up so many things for me musically!"  Oscar, London